"Miracles are everywhere...if only we are open to them"


Are you struggling with...


  • Depression, hopelessness, or sadness
  • Chronic worry, anxiety or stress
  • Trauma issues related to recent events or long ago occurrences
  • Marital issues, behavioral problems with your child or teen, blended family difficulties
  • Is your child struggling with learning issues or poor academic performance

 If you need to begin a healing journey, call me at  303-805-7168, or e mail me at Jannabenklpc@aol.com. We can meet in person or through telehealth technology. 

     The biggest percentage of my practice consists of individuals who come to me for therapy, however I also see many teenagers, families and  couples. I work with children, ages 5 and older.  


     My name is Janna Benkelman. I’ve been a licensed professional counselor almost 30 years. During my career, I have come to work with a variety of disorders, most frequently depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorders, but I also see clients for ADHD/ADD, eating disorders, parenting and bonding difficulties, grief and loss issues, and  anger and behavior management issues. Because I work with such a large variety of disorders, I also work with clients of all ages.

      As your therapist, you can expect me to be accessible, nurturing, and spiritual. However, I also consider myself to be a directive therapist, and so I offer to my clients more than passive listening during our time together.  I consider my style to be eclectic, that is, I use a number of different therapeutic modalities, depending upon what you are comfortable with, and what might work best to help us understand and resolve the issues that you are working on. 

    More specifically, It is my belief that our past relationships are touchstones for our present life, and so I often use psycho-dynamic and family systems theory in our work together. I also employ cognitive behavioral, rational emotional therapy and somatic emotive techniques. Eye movement desensitization therapy is a very effective technique for dealing with traumas, both large and small. Most importantly, it is my desire to offer to you a comfortable, supportive and educational experience that allows you to feel safe and comfortable in our relationship with each other, and throughout our work together. 

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