As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I completed not only a master’s program in counseling, but also worked under the supervision of a licensed practitioner and passed a licensing board exam before beginning private practice. My services are different from a psychologist, in that I do not do psychological testing. My services are also different from a  psychiatrist (Actually an MD who specializes in the treatment of psychiatric disorders), in that I do not prescribe medications. I do however, often coordinate the care  that you might get from your doctors or other specialists, with the work that we will do together. I consider an important aspect of your care to be ensuring that you receive the education you need to make wise and appropriate decisions about how your treatment proceeds.   

 About me: I began my career working in a  hospital setting, where I specialized in work with adults and eating disorder clients. My next experiences were working on a psychiatric crisis team, and for the past 14 years I have been an individual, marital and family counselor. I work with adults, couples, families, teens and children. I'm happy to schedule a 30 minute phone consultation, I’d  love to talk to you! 

 Helping you choose: Because counseling is such an individual experience, each person brings into it, his or her own needs, expectations and desires. And therapy changes, depending on whether you are a young child, a teen, or an adult. So for the majority of clients, there is no one, easy way to describe what your session will be like! 

      But there are things that you can expect when you come for your appointment. My goal is to offer you a supportive and caring dialog that helps you to think through what you need to get from the time that we spend together. I incorporate a number of different elements into our sessions, depending upon what you might find helpful. I use several therapeutic frameworks, including Cognitive behavior therapy, EMDR, psycho-dynamic therapy, desensitization, rational emotive therapy and play therapy for my young clients. I have been trained in zero balancing, a body work technique) and also often teach meditative techniques such as visualization, relaxation and tapping to help with anxiety and depression. You will be seen for a 50 minute session and all personal information is kept strictly confidential.